My Work

Whistle Labs

Whistle is a San Francisco based company owned by Mars inc. that creates a GPS smart device to monitor a pet’s activity and health. My role at Whistle involves working with the marketing team on social media and retail affiliate partnerships.

Coffee Meets Bagel

A dating app with over 1 million downloads, Coffee Meets Bagel is a US based company expanding its product to different parts of the world. I worked with them on their marketing and customer development efforts at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The campaigns I helped design and execute at NUS led to a 200% increase in daily downloads in Singapore and resulted in the app ranking as #1 in the trending section on the app store. Through my work at Coffee Meets Bagel, I learnt to discover marketing channels and design campaigns targeted towards a very specific market (i.e. NUS students).


eRated is a Tel Aviv based Techstars company that allows online sellers (like the kind on Amazon, eBay, Shopify) aggregate their data from across the web and display it on their seller profiles. By building a single profile of online sellers, eRated creates an online passport for online sellers that allows them to display their reputation wherever they choose to sell. My role at eRated was in the areas of marketing and customer development. I spoke with customers to better understand their needs and their expectations from eRated. I also managed the blog, social media profiles and established cross promotion partnerships with other companies in the space.


Worked as a product intern in Duke-NUS’ Centre of Technology and Development from May 2015 to June 2015. My responsibility was to validate, design and pilot a customisable language tool for teachers which based its features on cognitive science research at Duke-NUS’ cognitive labs. In my six weeks working here, I designed product features, validated the product through interviews with language teachers and students, planned the pilot and found developers to start the development of the language tool.


Worked as a social media intern at Career Launcher, Delhi from February 2013 to May 2013 to help launch a project called About DU, which collected data about various colleges in the National Capital Region and created an online platform through which students could access it. Specific skills I learnt included data collection and search engine optimization.


Worked as an intern in the Multiple Natures department of Jiva Education, Faridabad from May 2013 to July 2013 to help launch an online platform for the Multiple Natures personality test. My main tasks involved contacting accomplished professionals who were willing to contribute to the online platform by writing about their professions. Apart from enhancing communication skills, I learnt a lot about the education industry and work ethic by working directly under an experienced professional.