Delhi To Florida

Today was the first day of our (My Mom, Dad, Brother and Me) 3 week long trip to the US. 

And like all other trips of ours, this trip too gave us a happening start. 

Firstly, when we were leaving for the airport in New Delhi, our car’s tire got punctured. Well anyhow, that was fixed in about half an hour. We reached the airport around 12. That gave us plenty of time to catch our flight at 2:30.

My brother fools around at the Delhi airport

Not that it left at 2:30! It was late. The airport guys decided that they wanted to be nice and send the families with small kids first. And when we finally got a chance to go in, some really obstinate woman decided that she wanted to take 2 seats instead of 1. So the air hostesses ended up fighting with that woman in order to get a seat for the passenger who was seat less! Well I didnt really mind that too much. It was sort of entertaining. 
We got a little preview (and a pretty scary one) of the roller coasters we hope to find in Orlando during our flight, when the storms and turbulances that we found on our way made our plane shake crazily!

One thing I noticed was that in each of these instances, all the Indians got really restless and impatient. All the foreigners on the other hand remained oblivious to what was happening! 
I noticed this even at Frankfurt airport. Everyone stood so patiently in the long queues. 

Frankfurt airport was quite interesting. We had to spend 7 hours there since we had a connecting flight to Orlando. 

Dad and I playing with Bucky Balls

My brother tries to copy one of the signs he noticed at the airport

McDonalds-Anywhere, Everywhere

My favourite part-Pink Telephone Booth!

Well we reached the Orlando airport, and subsequently our hotel without any more drama! The weather is great here! It’s been raining since we got here and for people like us, who come from a temperature of 40 degrees celsius, it’s quite a relief. 
Our suite here is incredible. Its huge-big enough for 8 people. 

Loving the space!

Today the 4 of us get to use all the extra space! Tomorrow Dad’s friend and his family will came stay with us for one night. They live here in Orlando and are going to spend the weekend with us. We’re going to Sea World tomorrow! 

Can’t wait!