Today we dropped by Kennedy Space Center. I didn’t expect it to be so much fun.

A view of space shuttles at the entrance

 We started our day with a 2 hour long bus tour. They showed us some sites there.

NASA Building

A model resembling the launch pad
The area which controlled the launch of apollo 8 in 1968
An Astronautic Suit 

A Lunar Sample from the Moon

Another Lunar Sample

The tools used to collect Lunar Samples in 1968

Special Astronautical Suits made out of Metal

Later we hung around in this visitor’s complex. They had this model of an airplane there where we could go inside and see what it really looked like.

Model of an Aircraft

Insides of the Aircraft model

We also went for a virtual reality ride. It felt as if we were really going into space.
Then we went to the I-Max theater and saw this 3D movie called Hubble. It was amazing! It was about this space telescope hubble which takes photographs and sends them back to the earth. It’s been up there for a while and is already pretty deep into the Universe.

The best 3D effects ever seen!
It was incredible seeing the kind of highly intellectual work the guys here are doing. Hope there are many more to come!
And like always, we ended up fooling around at the end of the day. 

Pink Lemonade-A new drink for me!
We see the flyover opening up to give way to a really tall ship passing underway