Magic Kingdom-Where all dreams come true

“Wish upon a star and your dreams come true”

12 hours at Magic kingdom were enough to make me believe that!

It was one of those days at the beginning of which you think that everything will go wrong and you will return home feeling all tired and unhappy. But I was in for a surprise!

Well let me tell you why i expected the day to be bad. To start with we were all running terribly late to leave for Disney. it was about 10:30 pm by the time we reached. It was quite ideal to reach late today actually, since we had to stay late at Disney in order to watch the 9 p.m. parade, but we still planned to reach early to avoid the incredibly long queues that we always found at the park entrances in Orlando and the roller coasters when we got there!

And as expected there was a long queue at the entrance. To get to Magic Kingdom we had to take the train or the ferry. We, like all the others stood in the line of the train. The train was more in demand ‘cuz it was much faster and efficient. The heat made me feel like fire. The line was moving very slowly at first. After some time it stopped moving altogether! It turned out that the train had stopped working! And instead everyone, thats right, that tremendously HUGE line, had to go by ferry. So everyone rushed towards the queues of the ferry. Thankfully we got a good spot in the queue and were able to get into the very first ferry which went there.

We resort to our 2nd option-the ferry
Entering General Joe Potter’s Ferry
Inside the Ferry’s second deck
Once we got there, i once again saw all the excitement and happiness..and off course, THE MAGIC! 
The streets of Main Street USA
Special Disney Balloons

Welcomed by a horse!

Walt Disney-the builder of dreams!

A street show in Main Street USA
The famous Cinderella Castle
Magic Kingdom was pretty big. It included quite a few lands. There was Main Street USA, Fantasy land, Tomorrow Land, Liberty Square, Frontier Land and Adventure Land. And each land had about 4 or 5 things you could do. So if we tried doing everything, we would probably end up doing nothing. The queues, like every other attraction in Orlando, were really long. They were about an hour long on an average. 
Luckily, we had picked out the things we wanted to do earlier. So that way, we knew what all we wanted to do and what we did not want to do! 
We started with a ride of Pirates of the Caribbean. It was boat ride taking us through Jack Sparrow’s ship and home! It was a long wait, but then again, we were kind of used to it by now!

Disney gives us something to look at while waiting in the queues

Dangerous stuff! 

Well after we were done with Pirates of the Caribbean (which was pretty calm and slow unexpectedly),we went to the Swiss Family Tree House. This was where we could explore the Robinson’s (the family from the movie  ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’)  tree house. It was quite fun. Very similar to what we saw in Tarzan’s Tree house in Hong Kong last year.

The Swiss Family Tree House
Next to the Robinson’s Kitchen

The Robinson’s living room

We went for the Jungle Cruise afterwards. That was a safari boat cruise through the amazon with all kind of sets put up across the shores to make it look all real. It was quite kiddish!

Red Indian!

An Isolated Hut

The Inspiring Falls as they call it

An Indian elephant

Beautifully built-amazingly tall giraffes!

No worry-they aren’t even close to real!

Oh I wish that was real!

After the Jungle Cruise, we went had lunch, during which was also managed to catch a glimpse of a Disney Show and the popular Celebrate a Dream come true parade.

A show on Main Street USA
Mickey and Minnie lead the ‘celebrate a dream come true parade’
The beauty and the beast follow!

Pinocchio’s nose in normal sized for a change!

A parade in the Magic Kingdom without Aladdin? Noo wayy!

Cinderella’s evil stepmother-as arrogant as she looks

And off course, CINDERELLA..with her prince and fairy godmother!

After that we went to Tomorrow Land.

Mickey bars for desert!

Another Disney Fan, except a better equipped one!

Here is where came along the most promising part-Space Mountain! For those of you who don’t know, it is one of the most popular Disney rides, which takes you through a roller coaster-in the dark! It gives you the aura of being in space!

There was a loong wait, but thankfully we got some people to talk to in the queue, so time just flew by!
And the ride was as usual-AMAZING! 
We went to Frontier Land next, where we went to the Splash Mountain-which was a water ride, similar to Journey to Atlantis in Sea World where there was a steep fall into the water, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a roller coaster which impersonated a train running around steep rocks and mines. 

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Both the rides were extremely fun and nervy!
Next we went to Liberty Square. In this land we went to the Haunted Mansion-a ride with a lot of 3D effects leading you through a haunted house and Liberty Square River Boat, which was a 20 minute ride on a ship with sets on the shores for us to see.

We find some interesting DEAD attractions in the queue to the Haunted Mansion

Happy and obliged to be posing with the dead and damned

Tries to imitate-not quite there YET!

AAhh! There you go! Much better!

A grave, which looks more like a bath tub!

We find a man wearing key chains all over in the queue-officially making the queue to the Haunted Mansion my favourite queue!

The most tragic life i’ve ever seen-but then karma has its ways!

A photo with one of the green witches (people who worked at the Haunted Mansion dressed that way!)
The Liberty Square Riverboat

Scenery from the River Boat- Lonely man in a lonely house

Tribal Town!

We stayed for the Disney at night parade which took place at 9 p.m. It was a parade with all the characters in lit up, bright carousels passing through the streets of Main Street USA.

Mickey leads the way!
A horse man- a very lucky one i must say!

Cinderella’s step sisters fight over the Prince

A verry impressive carousel

A carousel which not only is shaped like a dragon, but blows out smoke every now and then from the mouth of the dragon

Needless to say, Disney is  the happiest place on earth.

And Magic Kingdom, paradise!

So have you wished upon a star yet?