Washington DC – All of monuments and museums!

The Capital of the Country-where all the power lies-Washington DC!!!!

The capital of USA- where all the power lies-Washington DC!!!

Our 2 days at Washington DC consisted of nothing but monuments and Museums. And pretty good ones too!
I visited more of these in 2 days than i had ever visited in my entire life!

We went to the Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, The Air and Space Museum, The National Gallery of Art, The Natural History Museum, The White House and the Newseum!
Lots of commas, isn’t it?!

The Lincoln Memorial was a memorial of Abraham Lincoln, one of the presidents of USA. His role play in the civil war (that of an anti-slavery figure) led to his assassination.
Apart from a HUGE statue in the center of the memorial, there was also two of his famous speeches, the Gettysburg Address and the Second Inaugural Speech inscribed on the walls.

Statue of Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial

The World War 2 memorial is a memorial dedicated to the people who sacrificed or lost their lives in the war. It contains 56 pillars (which had the name of the then 48 states and other american provinces inscribed on the them) and a pair of arches (which had the Atlantic and the Pacific inscribed on it).

A view of some of the pillars and one of the arches circling a fountain at Lincoln Memorial

  The Washington Monument was a tall pillar built in honor of George Washington, the first president of USA, and a very active military and political leader in the American Revolution.

The Washington Monument, the tallest monument in Washington (555 feet) and also the tallest in the world until the Eiffel Tower was built 5 years later

The Air and Space Museum was as the name suggests, an astronaut’s and pilot’s paradise. It contained models of space crafts and air crafts and their history.

A model of an aircraft carrier-a ship used as a runway for planes

Next to the Wright Brothers

Inside a space ship

A spacecraft whose fate was to stay on earth-The Eagle

An Armillary Sphere-used by astronomers for centuries  in olden times to study the sky

The National Gallery of Art was an art museum with all kinds of paintings and sculptures-portraits, landscapes, statues, head sculptures. But it was so big that we couldn’t see much of it. There were a couple of paintings I could catch though. 

The Dancing Couple, by Jan Steen
Picture interpreted as  one of the wedding of a mismatched couple, a well dressed girl and a country lad.

Daniel in the Lion’s Den by Sir Peter Paul Rubins
Based on story of Daniel, who was unfairly driven  to  a cave of lions

The Museum of Natural History was the biggest museum I’ve ever seen. It had so many sections. There were sections like evolution, the ocean life, the different continents, other species(just to name a few). But again we couldn’t spend much time there. So although we couldn’t see all the sections, we spent a whole lot of time in the ones we could.

A silver tree 

An optically illusions house. Changes shape and dimensions depending on the angle you see it from.
Handprints on the caves of early man

My aunt and uncle sit in front of a statue of a hard working Neanderthal (ancestors of homo sapiens) while another little visitor of the museum decides to pose for the picture!!

This family is not afraid of being run over by elephants!

In the African section- a peace of their tradition 
The Burial of a Neanderthal (notice the body lying over the brown fur on the ground) 

By the time we finished these places the day was close to an end, so we left the White House and the Newseum to the next day. 
The White House was beautiful . But  I was partly dissapointed having gone expecting something much grander. But one thing that i really liked was that there were people who were standing in front of the white house with signs like ‘peace’ and ‘we don’t want terrorism’. Although there were just like 3 people besides the signs, they still meant a lot!
White and Simple- the White House

If there’s a photo being taken, we’re right here!
A citizen asks for peace in front of the white house

We find cycle rikshaws nearby-*suddenly homesick!*

The Newseum, which was the most recent museum of washington DC, was awesome. I could have spent all month there. It was based on famous news headlines over the past years and journalism in general. There was also a lot about media. 

Part of the Berlin Wall (The Newseum had a part of the same as an exhibit)

Touching the Berlin Wall

My brother poses with journalist detectives

An old fashioned printer! The TYPEWRITER!

The first issue of time magazine in 1923

A piece of the antenna of the twin towers which suffered on 9/11

A view of the Capital hill from the terrace of the Newseum
Another great thing at the newseum was this thing called ‘Be a TV Reporter’. They had sets there, and we could choose to report a story of our choice! Here is my video!!
With that, the Washington sightseeing came to an end. I never thought that there could be so much to see in Washington. And we hadn’t even seen everything, we had only seen a part of it. 
The Newseum was undoubtedly my favourite part. 
Well now its time to head to the next city!! Goodbye Washington DC!