Password Mania!

Can you put a number on the websites you have made an account on? Probably not. At least I can’t. I sign up for just about everything that catches my eye. And a lot of things catch my eye. So you can imagine the number of websites I have accounts on.

Accounts require passwords, and passwords you have to remember. For most people, this isn’t really a problem. Most of us have these standard passwords which we use just about everywhere. But the problem comes in when you have been using the same password for 2 or 3 years and you come across an article on the web which talks about how a lot of accounts are being hacked these days. These type of articles usually suggest ways and means to keep your account from getting hacked. And the one thing that they ALL mention is to keep changing your password on a regular basis. 
Resetting passwords over and
over can be very very stressful. 
This is when that feeling of apprehension creeps onto you. You realize that it is time. It is time to change your standard password. It’s kind of like a feeling of enlightenment. 
And then the lengthy task begins. You go from account to account changing all the passwords, trying to remember the important places where you have online accounts.
It’s kind of like cleaning. No one likes to do it, but when you reach a certain saturation point, you don’t have much of a choice!