How NOT to get lost in Delhi

After having lived in New Delhi for 19 years, I surprised myself at my ability to get lost despite that.
Over the past few months, my friend and I have ventured out to look for manufacturers, delivery services and what not for our new business. And each time, we somehow manage to spend 90% of our time looking for the place.

So after having been lost a million times (no, really), I thought it’s time to share my wisdom with the world. Although I am in no position to give advice, here is how NOT to get lost in New Delhi.

1. ALWAYS have GPS. Auto waalas are likely to take you on a joy ride if they realize how clueless you are. (for exceptions, refer to point 3). And that reminds me, act like you know it all when you’re getting into an auto. As they say, confidence is key.

2. ASK the locals. Believe it or not, the fruit vendors know everything. Ask them anything. They’ll know. Try it. Really. When it comes to directions, they own google maps.

3. DO NOT trust GPS when you find yourself in a place with more stray animals than people. It is very likely that google maps does not know where to go either. These are typically places where fitting a four wheeler on the road is a big achievement. With lanes that narrow, you do not want directions from a satellite.

 4. NEVER assume that the driver knows everything. There is a good chance that the driver won’t know how to get to the place you want to go to. Cab drivers, especially, are notorious for “not knowing” where to go. So once again , refer to point 1.

5. When you walk past the same place more than three times, you’re doing something wrong. Come back and read my post.

But in case you haven’t been lost even once, be it in your own city or another’s, get out there, and WANDER! Getting lost has a thrill of its own. Its like a mini-adventure.



  1. PeaBee says:

    Thanks for the tips! I get lost pretty often myself :S
    Oh and the latter half of #1 is SO true.

  2. Payal Lal says:

    haha thanks PeaBee. I'm glad my 'getting lost a million times' could help someone 😛

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