Hate turned Love

Think about your best friends. Done? Now think about what your first impression was of them.
If you are anything like me, chances are that it wasn’t love at first sight. I have rarely instantly liked the person who I end up being best friends with. Infact, I initially really disliked a lot of my current best friends and may have said some not so nice things about them. Most people who I hate at first sight are the ones who I end up becoming good friends with later.
Also, people who I love at first sight are those who I eventually end up really annoyed and irritated with. I find myself trying to recall why I liked them so much in the first place. Haven’t you had those moments when you look at your friend and wonder why on earth you’re friends with this ridiculously unbearable person.
Until recently, I was absolutely bewildered by this weird trend all my friendships seem to take. But then I realized that I’m perfectly normal and its actually expectations at play. When I hate someone, I expect absolutely nothing from them. They can ignore me and insult me and I wouldn’t care. When I love someone, I expect them to be ideal people whom I’ve dreamt up in my foolish head. The hated ones always turn out to have a better side to them which surprises me, and the loved ones have bad sides which shock me.
This new discovery influences much of my outlook of people and I end up being friends with those whose better side is only starting to show. I already know the ugly part of them. Now it is time to discover their beautiful side.
I guess its safe to say that I don’t believe in love at first sight. It has deceived me so many times. But hate at first sight? That’s a whole different story.