Rediscovering Home

Today’s the seventh day of summer break. I’m in New Delhi visiting family and friends. And so far, its not been half as monotonous as I expected. Having lived away for a year now, I realized that even though I spent 19 years of my life in this country, I know very little about it. So for the 20 days that I’m here before flying off to Japan, I decided to do something new every day.

DAY 1: Tried Darjeeling Tea

DAY 2: Roadside Chaat and trying a new indo-chinese restaurant with family (right)

DAY 3: Lunch at Johnny Rockets and Frozen Yogurt at Red Mango, both new places for me!
DAY 4: A virtual Japanese immersion; Japanese short films (Tokyo!-bottom left and Interior Design!-top left) and a novel by Murakami (right)
DAY 4: Solo shopping for gifts at Dilli Haat 

DAY 5: Exploring old Delhi: Chandni Chowk (top left), Chai (bottom left) and Paan (bottom center)

DAY 5: Oxford Bookstore (top left) and Cha Bar for lunch 

DAY 6: Visiting my friend’s university and going to a nearby college hangout for lunch! 

DAY 6: A book and movie that I’d been putting off for the longest time 

Ofcourse, this required a great deal of discipline on my part. It’s hard to step out of my comfort zone in a place where there are so many comfortable options. Going to a new restaurant and taking the risk of being potentially disappointed by it is tough when there are 20 other options that I know will unfailingly please me. Nevertheless, it is a skill to look for uncomfortable and new things to do where everything is so familiar. The past 6 days have taught me things that I thought I already knew. It has been about unlearning and re-learning. Change the perspective from which you view things, and suddenly, everything will be new all over again.