Beginning of Sophomore Year

Sophomore year has begun, and this time round I am less excited to participate in school activities. I am over that stage where I wanted to help build new clubs and organizations. Now that we have freshman, I shall leave it to them to be excited about those things.

Having said that, its not that I’m not excited. I am, but about other things and about fewer things. Apart from academics and the investment club, I am working on an educational game about cultures along with a friend. I really see a lot of potential in this idea and am actively working to network and conceptualise. One thing that is motivating me is the satisfaction I get from doing real world things. I love working on something that might actually materialize as opposed to only doing academics. I’m also having a great time going to networking events and trying to figure out the gaming industry.

I still have a lot to learn, and that excites me. I also have to learn how to strike a better balance between academics, my work on the game and my social life. I can see my academics and social life suffering in the near future, and a lot of compromises have already been made in terms of skipping events such as zumba and rector’s teas that I otherwise would have attended.