Can you recall the most memorable day of your life ?

It was October 4th, another Sunday, and I was peacefully asleep past noon. my mom was trying to wake me up. On her 50th attempt, in vain she tried, “Today is the last date of registration for the Airtel Delhi Marathon. Sleepy head– did you listen”
To her utter surprise I jumped out of bed.
All charged up!!! I was ready to Go!!!
My parents were in a state of shock and disbelief – My dad said, “you can’t even run 7 steps, let alone 7 kms”.
There were basically 3 reasons that I wanted to go for this marathon.
First, I wanted to prove my father wrong. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than proving my parents wrong.
Secondly, I wanted to be on TV. I knew that there were going to be a lot of cameras there and I had a good chance of being on TV if I went.
Thirdly, there was a best dressed contest award. The best dressed person would get an enormous amount of Rs 20,000. I could already think of what I wanted to do with the money.
I immediately called up my friend, Aishwarya and my brother Anmol called up his friend Ishaan to join the run.
The four weeks flew by and it was Nov 1
I knew the objectives of the day – the 3 things I had to achieve –First things first – sh!!! Sh!!!. Actually I had no intentions to run, not even walk if things turned out my way – yet had to prove my dad wrong.. My Dad wanted me and my friend Aishwarya to stick along with him, but we had better ideas. We just had to get him off our back, but he would not leave us easily.
Just as we were making our way through– my brother and his friend were lost. My dad started calling and looking for them. This was the perfect chance for us to slip away. He called and called on our cellphone but obviously they were on silent.
We knew we could have more fun and enjoy without him – we kept running and gave him no chance to catch up. The only places we paused to catch our breath were TV cameras.
We made it to the finish line. Yes, I managed to run 7 km.
Now to my 2nd goal – I glued myself to the big TV camera – as it would turn so would I, of course my picture came on the same roll as Shah rukh, taken by the same person who took SRK’s picture and even by the same camera.. I got it all here with me and I was on TV. In case you are wondering –“Why I look familiar”, it would be because you saw me on TV that day!
I managed to achieve my 2nd goal but going from camera to camera made me really tired. I sat down to catch my breath. I donot remember when I fell asleep. I dreamt that the marathon was over. It was time for the award ceremony. Everyone was gathered around the big stage and names were being called out. The best costume award goes to “Payal Lal” – I was being handed over the cheque by Priyanka chopra and hundreds of comera man were jostling to click my picture. I was famous. I was on cloud 9. Just then, I was suddenly shaken up and my father woke me up.
Everyone had finished the marathon – it was time to go home.
Friends, it was the most memorable day of my life. Till then, I did not believe that I too could complete a 7 km run – success is about audacity, determination and luck – I had the fortune of all three at the same time because of which I successfully met my goals– in reality or in dreams.