The Free World Charter

I came across something called the The Free World Charter. It is the simplest idea with an incredulous impact. The idea is to do away with the idea of money and just watch with awe the transformation it brings in the world!
I know that at this moment you are trying to figure out how this would work? How would we survive if no one works? No one produces food! No one takes care of the criminals! Think a little more. With all the machines we have today, we don’t need humans to produce all the food. With no money around, there is nothing for criminals to rob! Whatever we do, we don’t do because we HAVE to, we do it because we WANT to. If you like to teach, you teach. If you like to do social work, that is what you do. You want to be doctor? Then be it!
This video explains it all!

Sign the Free World Charter here:
I did!


  1. Ravi says:

    Sound too idealistic to me. Life's not that easy. A study of history can tell us a lot about how complex these issues are.

    But it was nice to see an alternative approach to society

  2. Payal Lal says:

    Do check out the link. It explains things a lot better!

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