Show Boys and Girls

As soon as you open the door to my room, a poster taped to the wall on the other side greets you. It says ‘Welcome to my reality’. It’s pink in color which is one of the reasons I bought it as a 14 year old. I remember the day very clearly. I went to an Archies and bought 5 or 6 posters to put up in my room.
It was a trend to have posters in your room with sarcastic comments on them. I bought a garfield poster which said ‘I’m not always right, but I’m never wrong’. I bought another one saying ‘Those who think they know it all, really annoy those of us who do’.

My dad helped me stick them to the wall with double sided tape.
A few minutes ago as I thought about how I had outgrown them and debated about whether I should take them off or spare the risk of making my room look plain with empty walls, I remembered the thoughts that ran through my head as I looked at my new posters after my dad and I had put them up.

I thought of how I would be the person my posters made me. I could keep my room messy so that people would believe that to be my reality. The funny quotes on my posters would make those lines seem like my own. Garfield’s relaxed and egoist attitude would make mine seem the same.
This was the point where the mask started coming into existence. I am not refering to the green coloured mask of Jim Carrey’s from the Hollywood movie, but if you can relat le to that you’ll probably get what I’m trying to say.
Every adult human has a mask.  They use it make their friends like them, to seek approval from their bosses, to make the opposite sex want them.

And before they can even breathe in what’s happening, the mask that they try to use to be accepted is not a mask anymore. That’s right, it’s as if you wore a mud pack for so long that now either it won’t come off or either you’ll be so used to it that you won’t notice it’s there!
Until off course death do you part!

The posters in my room suggested that I was a mischievous, messy and a socially outgoing teenager. I was actually the opposite. I was quiet,  very organized and super responsible. I was a 9th grader trying to fit in. But I so succesfully convinced myself that I now find I am actually the person I always tried to be. 

And that is exactly what happens to more than half of our world population. (the other half lives in poverty)
They make themselves what the world wants them to be, who they want to see in their mirrors every morning. The glamour gets to them.

In other words they are show boys and girls, tuning themselves to please the world. To make everyone who passes by in the streets give them a venerable smile.
But that can’t end well be because even if you manage to please every person on the planet (which is practically impossible considering the kind of bipolar diversity our earth holds ), you will fail to please yourself, which is ultimately the only thing that actually matters. 

So much for being a show boy/girl. 

Might as well sit in your room of empty walls with a bowl of popcorn and a remote control in your hand and enjoy the world that you create for yourself.