Shopping Disappointments

One would think that being a girl, I like shopping. I don’t. Not that I don’t like new things. (I like them for one or two days after which I get bored and forget about them) But I don’t like going out and buying new things myself. Shopping can be really disappointing.

Whenever I go with money in my wallet and a mood to try on clothes, there are absolutely no good and reasonably priced clothes to be found. But whenever I go without any money and an extremely lethargic mood, VOILA! The end of season sale is on!

Disappointed Shopper

I wish there was a mobile app which would just let me browse the stores before I actually got there. *sigh* where is technology when you need it?


  1. Lol,, true. When u want something hard to get. But when u happen to go to stores wid broken bank balance or no occasion to purchase, the best is always there.

    You can try out some good online shopping websites — browse various options,, get it delivered home. And 100% return if u dont like it.

    In fact, I have lately been addicted to online shopping (some of my experience and online buys are shared on my blog)

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