Reasons to find a best friend who is just like you!

My best friend turns 18 today! I was thinking of the crazy things we have done in the past 2 years, and I realize, that there is nothing better than having a best friend who is similar to you in more ways you can imagine any other person to be. This post is dedicated to her, hoping she will decide to remain as crazy as she is now, just so that there is someone in the world to give me company. Happy Birthday Zivani!! (I did not spell her name wrong. that is just what i call her). I love you, you lunatic!

Here is why you need to go hunt for YOUR carbon copy:

1. You will both arrive late to class and therefore will end up sitting on the very first bench

2. A 5 line conversation will take days to conclude just because both of you are too lazy to reply right away

3. The entire day at school will be spent decorating the desk, just because the teacher won’t let you talk in class and neither of you want to ruin the last page of our notebooks.

You don’t have to LOOK similar too,
 in case you’re thinking that.

4. Your study sleepovers in effect, will be about 1 hour of studying and 10 odd hours of taking breaks.

5. You will spend the eve of an exam talking on the phone, discussing ways to get a job when you are eventually kicked out of school.

6. You will also come up with millions of (practically impossible) plans to become a billionaire (for example, selling your appendix)

7. You will put no less than 6 alarms before going to sleep (on a sleepover) so that you can get up early and go out the next day. Despite that, neither of you will wake up or respond to the alarms.

8. You will attempt to cross a road which has traffic zooming at such a high speed that it can very easily be the end of you, so that you can get an auto home, only to discover that your home is in the other direction and you need to cross the street again and catch an auto from the other side.

9. Your pathetic sense of direction will not allow you to reach anywhere without getting lost several times. One of you will have to activate the internet on your phone so that google maps can be of some help. You will still get lost all the time.

I realize that I may just have given you reasons NOT to find your carbon copy. But believe me, it’s worth it!