Day 30: Amazing people and Roppongi

I met a college friend’s brother and his friends today for lunch. They were an amazing group of people from all walks of life. Not knowing Japanese, I haven’t been able to interact with a whole lot of people in Tokyo and have had to rely on sight seeing and books to learn about Japan. Meeting people who are living in Tokyo taught me a lot about life here. Since they were all young working professionals in Tokyo, I especially learnt a lot about the work culture and corporate world of Japan.

After a Mexican lunch, we headed to Roppongi, a place known for its shopping and sketchy clubs. I was told about scandals that have occurred in the area. Many of the clubs here are go to places for underage partying. Roppongi is a popular area among expats.

Roppongi Hills, a popular building of apartments, office space, shops, restaurants, parks and everything you can think of. 

An aerial view of a cafe inside of Tokyo Midtown. Tokyo Midtown is another mixed use building near Roppongi Hills

An interesting fountain inside Tokyo Midtown. The lines you see in the center are strings of water going all the way up to the ceiling.

Gapao rice for dinner: Thai stir fried chicken with basil leaves. It was slightly spicy but so delicious!