Day 31: Cheap Yummy Sushi and Making new friends

It’s been a month! This is my study abroad program’s last week, which also means my last week in Tokyo. Yet I continue to get my share of new experiences.

I ate konbini sushi for lunch, which was surprisingly excellent. It was under 500 Yen (~$5). Great value for money.

I watched the animated movie Akira in class today (animated movies are not the same as Japanese anime though. They differ in style, realism, etc.). It was so action packed that I zoned out repeatedly, which is why I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on. Monsters appeared out of nowhere and there always seemed to be blood somewhere on the screen. Anyhow, based on what little I did follow, the movie was a futuristic one about the damage caused by World War 3.

After class, I went to another Waseda University event. This one was a chat session in which international students got to interact with local students. It was really nice to meet locals my age and spend time with them. The session was really well organized. They started with an ice breaking game and then placed us on tables of 5-7 people each. We were given a list of things to talk about in case we ran out of topics. After about 30 minutes, we were asked to switch to another table. Both my tables had really interesting and inspiring people, who I enjoyed talking to. I felt unfortunate to have met all these people in my last week here.

Suggested topics to talk about in case things get awkward!

Dinner at home was a learning experience as always.

Hambagu (Japanese steak): a patty made with hikiniku meat (a combination of pork and beef) and tomato sauce

Tomogodo Hu: A blend of tofu and egg