Weekly update 4: Bumping into fun events

This week was a relatively easy week. I spent most of my week working as always (which was great-made progress), so won’t talk much more about that. But here are some other things I did!

I hosted 3 couchsurfers this week who were all studying at Utrecht university in Netherlands. They were really interesting people-they were doing a masters in gender studies, a topic that I really like to learn about. I enjoyed having them over-they were all from different places (England, Ireland and Taiwan), so I also learnt something about each of those countries!

Hosting some incredible couchsurfers from Ireland, Taiwan and England! 
We had presentations for our entrepreneurship class so some time during the week was spent brainstorming the ideas we’d been working on in groups of 4. I spent a few hours working on that. I learnt a lot from the presentations, because our instructor was really good at picking out issues that she saw with the ideas when we were presenting. She would point out things like font size, spacing, etc in presentations in addition to issues she saw with the implementation of the idea. So it was really good practice for preparing investor pitches and slide decks. 
After the presentations, I went out with some friends. We ate at a really popular hummus and shawarma place called Dabush in Tel Aviv. It was SO good! Afterwards, we were walking along the street when we bumped into a building with quite a few people outside it. When we asked around, we learnt that there were free artistic performances happening inside the building. Apparently in Tel Aviv, some government buildings are transformed for one night a year into artistic installations or a place of performances. Inside the building, there were theatrical performances, photo exhibitions and music performances. We went inside to check out some of it and it was amazing. The best things in life are free! 

One of the musical performances at the Tel Aviv city council
Photo credits: Aileen

My friends and I at the same performance after final presentations!
Photo credits: Kevan 
Another beautiful art installation on the same night

On Friday (which is the weekend here), Aileen and I went to this cute little cafe and bookstore called the Little Prince. It’s really cozy and we’d been wanting to go chill there for some time.

The Little Prince Cafe. Doesn’t it look great? Can’t wait to go back! 

Orange hummus, one of the signature dishes of the Little Prince. I personally didn’t love it, but I think it just didn’t match my taste. It seemed well prepared though. 
We also bumped into this huge bubble party for kids that was happening near Habima Square in Tel Aviv. Apparently, it happens on the first friday of every month. Aileen and I happened to know the guy who was making the huge ass bubbles. We’d seen him at a social gathering a few weeks earlier and Aileen recognised him! He let us play with the bubbles for a while! 

A photo I took from Tel Aviv port after my yoga class. The sea always looks so beautiful on Saturday mornings when I go to Tel Aviv port for yoga classes. 
Came back home on Friday to find my flat mate and friend Kevan making beer at home! He loves making alcohol at home! This isn’t the first time I’ve walked into something like this. 
Our office dog sitting on my desk at work. 

I think a lot of things I did this week were serendipitous-like walking into the bubble party and the artistic performances. I feel like that’s really one of the best ways to enjoy Israel-by being open to new experiences and not trying to plan things too much.