I’d rather climb the stairs

We often see signs and posters and occasionally read health tips on the net, which say “Use the stairs instead of taking the escalator”. But the colourful posters or the very scientific and professional sounding health advice is never really enough to make us follow that simple yet exhausting rule.
When confronted with the options of the self moving stairs and the stationary ones, which require our dog tired legs to do the work, we always end up choosing the escalator, despite that small voice inside that consequently makes you feel all guilty for making the wrong choice. 
I didn’t think there was anyway ANYone could make people use the stairs with a beeming escalator in the arena..UNTIL I saw THIS:
The cleverest way of making people opt for the healthier option.
Known by the name of the piano stairs, these stairs are literally what their name suggests them to be. With every step you take on the steps of this staircase, you play a key of the piano. 
See for yourself!

Source: thefuntheory.com